Sarah Chalmers

Voice and Performance Coach

How To Eliminate All Symptoms of Stage Fright WithOUT Breathing Exercises and Meditative Visualisations!

Voice and Performance Coaching

Quickly establish new voice and performance habits through neurological attractor states


Release Performance Anxiety

Eliminate all symptoms of stage fright with revolutionary M.E.T. tapping techniques


Production Support

Guiding the talent to enhance authenticity and connection through everything from vocal health and safety through to accents and dialects

Presentation Skills

Develop confident and persuasive presentations with attention to body language, improved articulation, resonance and varieties of emphasis


Guest Lecturing

Empowering dedicated performance students in a conservatoire setting.

Features specialised training to “fill the gaps”.

Coaching Packages

Offering group coaching and exclusive one-on-one coaching packages

What Is Voice and Performance Coaching?

A consultation with Sarah is like having access to your own personal Director and Therapist.

Regardless of whether you are preparing for the biggest audition, interview, performance, or presentation of your life, there are equal matters of technical skill, artistic flair, and mental health to consider.

As a voice coach, Sarah is known to be a dynamic troubleshooter and can promptly discern any technical difficulties. She draws upon a great collection of warm-up exercises and activities to ensure that you and your instrument are safe, finely tuned, and in perfect sync for the task at hand.

As a performance coach, she focuses her attention on the details. Sarah’s mission is to nurture works that promote emotional depth and connection, creative problem solving, and unique storytelling. She will promptly and consistently polish you to the pinnacle of your technique while providing a safe atmosphere for the exploration of the heart of your message. 

As a specialist in reducing performance anxiety, Sarah is intricately aware of the many symptoms and false beliefs that are magnified “under the spotlight”. With over 15 years of extended training in various disciplines of complementary therapies, she excels at liberating others from their personal traumas and uses a revolutionary toolkit of kinetic exercises that have been proven to be efficacious for anxiety disorders- into the specific domain of performance anxiety.


Sarah’s sessions are always geared toward an achievable goal as opposed to the abstract development of one’s technique. 

How can Sarah help me?

Sarah has a long history of helping clients and students through a holistic approach to preparation and performance. This involves consideration and attention to;

  • The most relevant and beneficial techniques for you
  • Assistance with text analysis and interpretation, and
  • Improved physical and mental health (using M.E.T. techniques to support the rapid healing of injuries and illnesses)
1. Be freed from your incapacitating symptoms of performance anxiety

Sarah specialises in reducing all symptoms of stage fright, including the;

  • physical, mental, emotional and behavioural

Without removing these blocks, many speakers and performers experience what is clinically known as “preoccupation with feelings of inadequacy and anticipation of loss of status”. This leads directly to a significant reduction of results.

Work with Sarah to achieve your most confident and effective performances and presentations.

2. Secure your advantage over the competition by using a clear, resonant and authoritative voice

Sarah helps all manner of clients who wish to:

  • Be clearly audible, without losing your voice
  • Be secure in your vocal health and safety
  • Address postural and breathing difficulties
  • Improve enunciation and articulation
  • Explore or adjust your vocal tone and resonance
3. Want to quickly achieve a polished skillset for exceptional communications?

This includes “neurological hacks” and expert attention to:

  • Your body language
  • Your use of breath
  • Tricks to directly establish your best vocal tone
  • Immediately improve the dexterity of your diction, plus tips for accent reduction
  • Explore prosody: through variations of pitch, intonation, volume, emphasis, pauses, tempo and rhythm
  • Be polished and confident in your performance and presentation style
4. Enhance your presence on stage and/or screen

Sarah will guide you through remarkable exercises that;

  • Boost conviction, authority and purpose
  • Develop authenticity and a genuine connection with your audience
  • Cultivate charm, engagement and persuasion
  • Improve your ability to handle acoustic spaces/ challenges, large crowds
  • Safely address difficult and overwhelming personal challenges which can impede the quality and success of your performance
  • Achieve the next level of success in your career

About Sarah

While Sarah began her artistic life as a classical pianist, she went on to gain an extensive education in the performing arts and became a graduate of many distinguished institutions. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Voice (with Distinction) from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), a Bachelor of Music Performance- Improvisation, (Voice) from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), and before that, a Bachelor of Arts from the Australian National University (ANU), with a double-major in drama.

Sarah has worked professionally as a voice and performance coach for actors, singers, musicians, dancers, conservatoires, independent record labels, stage productions, and performers featured as Top 10 artists in Australian TV shows: The Voice, Australian Idol, and The X Factor.

Sarah has also had a performance career both as an actor in theatre, television and film, and as a vocalist on stage and in studio.


Sarah’s wealth of knowledge combined with her healthy sense of play make for an experience invaluable for any individual or organization.

Jordan Yanco

Dialect Coach (US)

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